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The aluminum that Stena Aluminum produces is 100 percent based on recycled raw material. A major advantage of aluminum is that it can be infinitely recycled, without any loss in quality. Recycling aluminum also consumes significantly less energy than producing it from virgin sources. This, along with its sustainability, contributes to the circular economy.

Most of its products are used in the automotive industry – aluminum is increasingly used by manufacturers to reduce weight, which improves energy consumption and reduces emissions. While a majority of its products are delivered as ingots, Stena Aluminum also offers liquid aluminum for immediate use in its customers’ foundries, which reduces energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. In total, liquid aluminum deliveries have led to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 5,260 tonnes over the past ten years.

Salt slag is a by-product of recycled aluminum manufacturing that Stena Aluminum recycles in Germany and transports back to Sweden. Since September 2018, using rail rather than road transportation has resulted in a 70 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.