Stena Metall

Annual Review and Sustainability Report 2017/2018

This is Stena Metall

The Stena Metall Group has operations at around 200 locations in ten countries. Our 3,800 employees work closely with our customers in order to create new value that everyone benefits from – businesses, the environment and society as a whole. Each year, we recycle six million tonnes of waste and end-of-life products and provide our customers with the raw materials they need, such as steel products and marine fuel. Through research and development, we aim to meet future challenges with new, sustainable solutions.


The Group’s ability to make a difference is based on our three core values: Simplicity, Reliability and Development. It symbolizes how we operate and how we wish to be perceived both within the Group and in collaborations. The Stena Metall Group’s cultural roots lay in our owners’ values. They have always formed part of the company’s soul and underpin all Stena Sphere activities.

Sustainable Resource Management

A growing number of companies recognize the importance of sustainable waste management. Stena Metall takes an active role in sustainable resource management, throughout the value chains of its customers. Through long-term collaboration, value is created, both in terms of reduced climate impact and better resource utilization. Since its inception, in 1939, the Group has been owned by the Olsson family.

Year in brief

26681 SEK M

Net sales  (22,354)

1657 SEK M

EBITDA (1,374)

932 SEK M

Operating income (758)

5737 SEK M

Shareholders‘ equity (5,135)

39.0 %

Equity/assets ratio (37.5)

3756 People

Average number of employees (3,365)


As the Nordic region’s leading recycling company, the Stena Metall Group strengthened its market position during the 2017/2018 financial year, primarily through organic growth. We continued our commitment to new recycling solutions and all business areas made positive progress. Earnings before tax amounted to 743.1 MSEK.

Anders Jansson, Chief Executive Officer

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Sustainability as a core business

Sustainability plays an important role in the development of Group operations. It has long been a key part of the value base that supports employees in their day-to-day work. It helps expand the business, retain customer trust and maintain good relationships with stakeholders. The Group’s sustainability work is divided into four priority areas: Value Creation, Resource Efficiency, People and Culture and Responsible Relationships.

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